Learn tools and techniques to reclaim your power, manifest your dreams and live authentically!

My Sister Goddesses, it all begins and ends with healing your womb, your center of power, creation and pleasure. 

Week 1: Delve into Sacred Play and reconnect with your inner child to heal and nurture yourself. Learn the magic that exists in laughter and joy.

Week 2: Dive into Sacred Creativity. We begin by learning how to empower ourselves and explore our creative capabilities. Let go of blocks to our manifestations by shedding the layers of self-doubt and the negative stories.

Now we are ready for the juicy bits!!

Week 3: We plunge all the way into Sacred Embodiment! Because it is pointless to learn stuff and forget to LIVE our learnings. This is where we explore being in our body – living every moment in radical self love

And now for our climax…

Week 4: Embodying our Sacred Sexuality! This is critical! Because if we continue to hold on to shame, guilt, blame…around the sacredness of our desire we will continue in the loop of feeling unworthy and undeserving of our desires.  

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