Sound Healing

with Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

Sound Healing is an ancient technology. The practice of sound frequency, toning, chanting, drumming has been utilized by our ancestors for millennia! Sound Healing has been used for so long that there are megalithic monuments all over the world – from Egypt to Malta to Ireland and England – that have special acoustical properties resonating at specific healing frequencies. The practice of employing sound and frequencies have a profoundly healing effect on the human body. Sound healing can aid in relaxation, improve our mental focus and ability to retain information, reduce inflammation in the body, and raise our frequency – just to name a few things.

Auset Ka Alchemy is a proud, authorized distributor of the one of a kind Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls! Our sound temple – Pleiadean Sound Temple – works with these beautiful and healing crystal alchemy singing bowls and has a variety of unique crystal singing bowls that can support your on your healing and spiritual journey, Each Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls holds a unique combination of precious gemstones, crystals, minerals and metals. Each has its own consciousness, key codes and wisdom codes!  They are truly one of a kind.

I specialize in creating harmonic sets for the healing of the Womb – our space of creation, manifestation and our connection to the Mother, the healing of our Heart space, the healing of our Throat chakra (speaking our Truth) and our connection to our Intuition (Third Eye).

Activated & Activating Sacred Portals Around the World

As a custodian for these sacred tools of sound alchemy and ascension, I am blessed to take them to various sacred energetic portals around the world such as the land of Avalon in the UK, sacred sites in Cathar Country of the Languedoc region of France, the Alhambra in Granada, the Monastery of Montserrat in Catalonia, Mt Shasta and Joshua Tree in California and Sedona, AZ where being conscious vessels they have both activated and received the codes of these lands.

It’s been truly amazing and humbling to witness how the frequency of these crystal alchemy singing bowls shifts when performing this sacred work.

This video was taken at the Seat of Isis in the land of the Cathars, France while on a pilgrimage with my sisters, Magdalene & Brighid Priestesses.

Crystal Alchemy Sets Available for Purchase

Crystalline Ascension Set

This amazing trio of Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls forms a powerful tool in our ascension journey and has the added healing properties of creating a binaural effect at the Heart & High Heart Chakras (F and F#).

6″ A#+30 Azeztulite, Violet Aura Gold Tall

6″ F#-35 Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Sedona Red Rock, Platinum Tall

6″ F+30 Kyanite, Platinum Tall

Learn more about the specific alchemies of each member of this trio and of how they work together! Feel free to email me and/or set up a Consultation!


Wisdom of the Ages Set

This celestial trio holds the Wisdom of the Ages! Bringing in the frequencies of the Violet Ray, ascension, unconditional love, and deep healing and transformation.

6″ B-50 Rose Quartz, St Germain Aura Gold

7″ G-40 Mt Shasta Serpentine, Sedona Red Rock, Platinum, Ocean Gold (inside)

10″ C#-30 Celestite, Androgynous Indium

Learn more about the specific alchemies of each member of this trio and of how they work together! Feel free to email me and/or set up a Consultation!

Sets are created to suit your unique intentions and the healing work you wish to undertake.

Full Inventory of Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

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