Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound * Vibration *

Every cell in your body vibrates at a certain frequency.

Your voice, your name, every word you say work to create your experience.

Sound is the easiest way to bypass the ego and the mind, in order to align with your heart, your truth, your Soul & the Divine. The aim of Sound Healing sessions is to create the space to step into your power & sovereignty, access your inner wisdom & truth, activate your soul gifts and support you in actively co-creating the life & experiences you desire.

Aurea works with the finest Crystal Singing Bowls and is a distributor for Crystal Tones, USA.

To book an individual Sound Healing Session for yourself or a special event in the Southern California area use the Book Now link.

If you are not local to the SoCal or to inquire about purchasing your Sacred Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl(s) please email me at

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