Sacred Anointment Oils

These Goddess Embodiment Blends and Oils are custom-blended in the Myrrhophore tradition, which activates the spirit of the oils using sacred mantras and ceremony, and created under the appropriate moon phases, charged under moonlight and with Reiki Holy Fire healing energy to ensure full potency.

Divine Radiance

A custom blended Facial Oil made of pure essential oils designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, & balance hydration bringing a radiant glow to your skin. Charged with Reiki Holy Fire healing energy. 

$44 – 2 oz bottle

Athena’s Wisdom

The ability to translate knowledge and learning into action requires discernment – which leads to wisdom. This wisdom creates a life dedicated to highest expression of your soul.

$44 – 2 oz bottle

Aphrodite’s Enchantments

Fall utterly in love and be enchanted with yourself – wholly, completely – as you are. This is a key to creating the space to be loved – truly, fully and completely.

Passion. Enchantment. Love.

$44 – 2 oz bottle

Persephone’s Rebirth

Descend into the darkest recesses of your self to retrieve the treasures and magic that have always laid within – hidden – but always there. Hence, rebirth. Honoring our light and shadow and fully utilizing our shadow’s magic and power.

$44 – 2 oz bottle

Hecate’s Triple Goddess

Women are portals for the magic of creation, that is the Universe (aka – the Divine). True embodiment of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone; how they ebb and flow one into the other – this is needed to live your path – fully.
The Feminine is transformation.

$44 – 2 oz bottle

Sacred Adornment

These beautiful pieces are created with sacred intentions, using mantras and the healing energies of Reiki Holy Fire and Light Language to activate and empower them. May these pieces of Sacred Adornment remind you of the divinity that you hold within and align you with your Soul and the Highest frequencies of Unconditional Love, Light & Healing. 

Sacred Intentions Mala

Custom, handmade Mala – lovingly made in ceremony & prayer with your intention in mind.

Every piece will be blessed, prayed over & activated with the healing energies of Reiki Holy Fire while crafting the Mala according to your intention – with each crystal specifically chosen to enhance your intentions. Due to this process, the combination of crystals & colors of tassel will vary depending on your intention.