Sacred Intentions Mala



Blessings Sacred One -

This listing is for a custom, handmade Mala - lovingly made in ceremony & prayer with your intention in mind.

A Mala is a prayer tool used to recite Mantras - sacred word or phrase. It has 108 beads that symbolize the 108 desires & also the Union of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies within us.

Every piece will be blessed, prayed over & activated with the healing energies of Reiki Holy Fire while crafting the Mala according to your intention - with each crystal specifically chosen to enhance your intentions. Due to this process, the combination of crystals & colors of tassel will vary.

However, if you have a preference in color or must have certain crystals included we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

If during the process of making the Mala I receive an intuitive message for you, that message will be conveyed.

Please NOTE - the pictured Malas are ones that have been completed & sold. They are *examples* of Malas to:
-Call in one’s Beloved
-Heal our Heart
-Enhance Intuition
-Grounding & Personal Power
-Peace & Patience
-Grounding, Abundance & Shadow Integration

Thank you for taking the time to view this listing.

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