Persephone’s Rebirth


Goddess Embodiment Collection

The Goddess Embodiment blends in this collection were channeled from Source along with their purpose. Use these blends to connect and embody with the energies of the Goddess – in all her forms. Anoint your divine human form or add some to your ritual bath. Allow your intuition to guide you – always with strong and pure intent.

Persephone’s Rebirth is the descent into the darkest recesses of the self to retrieve the treasures and magic that have always laid within – hidden – but always there. Hence, rebirth. Honoring our light and shadow and fully utilizing our shadow’s magic and power. These Goddess Embodiment Blends are custom-made, upon order, to align with the appropriate moon phases and charged under moonlight and with Reiki healing energy to ensure full potency. Therefore, these magical blends may take 4-6 weeks to reach you.

Persephone’s Rebirth has notes of Lily, Cypress, Chamomile, Rose & Ylang Ylang. Allow the magical properties of the plants and flowers sacred to the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld to guide you in your own rebirth.

2 oz bottle

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