Leo Full Moon Intention Kit



Leo is the sign of the regal Lion(ess) and is a sign of power, luxury, refinement, as well as passion and sensuality.

When the moon is full - it is a time for celebrating our intentions that have come to fruition (fullness). It is also a time for us to give gratitude for those intentions that were made physical AND those that haven't. In order to manifest, it is important to create space - by releasing. Then we express gratitude for our blessings. A ritual salt bath serves to clear away and release what is no longer in alignment and the ritual anointing oil is a perfect complement to the intentions you are calling forth into fruition.

**This kit is made under the Full Moon in Leo** and will be charged with the energies of Shakti - the primordial Goddess of Creation.

If you are looking to call in the energies of *divine passion*, *creativity* and step more powerfully into a higher version of yourself, then this kit is for you!

The kit will include:

8oz Full Moon in Leo Ritual Bath Salts
2oz Full Moon in Leo Ritual Anointing Oil
Step by Step Ritual Instructions

The notes in your kit include Frankincense, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Elemi, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine & Rose in Jojoba oil.

Celebrate the magic of the Full Moon in Leo and honor your innate divine, creative magic.

Your Full Moon in Leo Kit will come charged with the energies of the Moon & Reiki Holy Fire.

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