Isis Sacred Temple



Isis Sacred Temple is a Goddess Embodiment & Ritual Oil.

A sacred healing oil that has been charged with Reiki Holy Fire healing energies and the energy of Mount Shasta, CA - the root (crown) chakra of Mother Earth.

The Great Goddess Isis is an Egyptian deity. She is the Goddess of the mysteries, of magic, of healing, of fertility and of death and rebirth. She is a strong and loving force that will guide you into deeper self-knowing, self-awareness and profound transformation. She allows one to unearth the blessings contained in even the most painful and trying situations, as she herself has known great loss - having mourned her husband Osiris as she wandered throughout the land of Egypt, searching for his remnants in order to use her great power and magic to make him whole again. And so, she conceived Horus, and Osiris became the God of the Underworld.

Isis Sacred Temple contains notes of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Blue Lotus, Rose & Pink Peppercorn in Jojoba Oil.

About the Goddess Embodiment Collection:

The Goddess Embodiment blends in this collection were channeled from Source along with their purpose. Use these blends to connect and embody with the energies of the Goddess - in all her forms. Anoint your divine human form or add some to your ritual bath. Allow your intuition to guide you - always with strong and pure intent.

Listing is for one (1) two (2) ounce ritual oil that can be used topically on the body, to anoint candles or in your bath.

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