9″ C#-45 Ruby, White Light Aura Gold


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Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls are one of a kind healing tools. Each crystal singing bowl is a unique alchemical blend of precious gemstones, minerals & metals crafted to a specific sound frequency. These precious tools can be used in meditation, for toning, chanting and singing.

9″ C#-45 Ruby, White Light Aura Gold

Ruby – “Stone of Nobility”; holds the frequencies of loving guardianship, universal wisdom, wholeness of health, quantum & atomic transformation, spirit love connection & abundance of wealth.

White Light Aura Gold – represents the perspective of everything being interconnected on an energetic level; opens one up to access the Akashic Records, the cosmic storehouse of all wisdom, knowledge & information, to guide our soul healing, expansion & evolution.

C# corresponds to the Womb Chakra – the seat of creation, emotional expression, fertility & expansion; our sexual creative power that gives birth to all.

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