8″ D#-50 Sedona Red Rock, White Light Angel Gold Etched Isis LtdEd Fire


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Each Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls is a one of kind crystal alchemy singing bowl. They are the highest frequency transformational tools available.

This 8″ D#-50 Sedona Red Rock, White Light Angel Gold Etched Isis Limited Edition Fire Element Crystal Alchemy Bowl is an extremely special alchemy crystal bowl which holds the additional healing magic of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

The frequencies held by Sedona Red Rock are:

  • connection to the triad vortexes of Sedona – Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock & Airport Rock
  • creativity & clarity
  • flow, acceptance, love & presence
  • honoring of the Native American lineages

The frequencies held by White Light Angel Gold are:

  • oneness
  • interconnectedness of all life, as all life is energy
  • access to the Akashic Records
  • harmony & peac

Together this special crystal alchemy bowl brings these frequencies at the Sacral/Adrenals Chakra (D#) – further amplifying the healing & loving qualities of this bowl.

To schedule a consultation to determine which of these powerful healing tools is right for you, please email me at aurea@ausetkaalchemy.com

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