6″ F#-35 Mt Shasta Serpentine, Sedona Red Rock, Platinum Tall


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Each Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls is a one of kind crystal alchemy singing bowl. They are the highest frequency transformational tools available.

This 6″ F# -35 Mt. Shasta Serpentine, Sedona Red Rock, Platinum Alchemy Bowl is a beautiful crystal singing bowl.

The frequencies held by Mt Shasta Serpentine alchemy are:

  • grounded grace
  • kundalini awakening
  • earth connection to the Mt Shasta vortex
  • grounding
  • transformation & ascension
  • cleansing, detox, stress relief

The frequencies held by Sedona Red Rock alchemy are:

  • ancient remembering
  • rapid transformation
  • holds the energies of the triad vortexes of Sedona: Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock & Airport Rock
  • creativity, focus, clarity & flow
  • rejuvenation
  • relationships

The frequencies held by Platinum alchemy are:

  • accessing other dimensional information and wisdom
  • amplifier
  • healing work
  • self-love
  • self-actualization
  • self-realization

This special crystal alchemy bowl brings these frequencies at the Heart Chakra/Thymus (F#) – allowing for the clearing and activation of the Heart and the High Heart chakras.

To schedule a consultation to determine which of these powerful healing tools is right for you, please email me at aurea@ausetkaalchemy.com

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