10″ C#-30 Celestite, Androgynous Indium

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Each Crystal Tones Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls is a one of kind crystal alchemy singing bowl. They are the highest frequency transformational tools available.

This 10" C#-30 Celestite, Androgynous Indium Crystal Alchemy Bowl is a double alchemy crystal bowl comprised of Celestite & Androgynous Indium.

The frequencies held by Celestite are:

  • tapping into celestial wisdom
  • connection to the Higher Self
  • cleansing & activating
  • harmony & openness
  • calming & centering

The frequencies held by Androgynous Indium are:

  • integration of one's inner masculine & feminine
  • adaptability & resilience
  • self-reflection & flexibility
  • openness
  • alignment & ascension

Together this special crystal alchemy bowl brings these frequencies at the Womb/Sexual Organs Chakra (C#), further amplifying the healing & loving qualities of this bowl.

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