Mary Magdalene Reiki Activation

Receive a powerful upgrade to the Energy of Usui/Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Mary Magdalene/Myriam of Magdala is an Ascended Master who holds the frequencies of unconditional love, sacred union, expansion and healing.

In this 1-Day workshop, we will engage in some potent clearings and activations in order to be ready to receive the Mary Magdalene Reiki ray.

Since this is a very powerful activation and attunement a prerequisite is the completion of Levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki or Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Furthermore, we will be spending time clearing, healing and activating our sacred womb spaces and our hearts. 

Our work will include:


Essene Womb Healing

Cord & Contract Shedding Ritual using a powerful Hebrew chant – Kol Nidre

Movement Meditation 

Chanting/Singing Aramaic & Pleiadean Mantras

Celestial Communication

Pyramid of the Rose Attunement

Sound Healing Activations

You will Receive:

Potent Heart & Womb Healings/Upgrades

Pyramid of the Rose Attunement

Mary Magdalene Reiki Activation

Printed Practitioner of Mary Magdalene Reiki Certificate

Printed Mary Magdalene Reiki Manual

An Activated Myrrhophore Essential Oil Blend 

An Intuitively chosen Crystal Set

Sisterhood & Community

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