Light Body Activation

We are energetic beings. Every cell in our body is sending out vibrations, pulsing out light. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that all we are is our physical bodies…we have been disconnected from our Soul, from the Divine Mother-Father, and from the Earth.

We have forgotten the power we hold within.

We hold the power of Creation within our DNA. The key to activating our radiant Light Body is to remember who we are, to go through the process of purifying & activating our energetic centers.

We are here to continue the Creation story – to embody the Beresheet. The first word of the Genesis story – creation creating infinitely.

In this course, we will delve into the 7 Chambers of Light/7 Chakras. We will learn about the 7 Demons that were cast of Mary Magdalene by Yeshua, the significance of these ‘demons’, as well as how to clear ourselves of these energetic blockages in each of our 7 Chambers of Light. Activating the Tree of Life within us & allowing the Codes of Mother Eve to awaken, heal and nurture us. Odana Baruka.

Our work will include:

*7 2-hour Bi-weekly Live Sessions via Zoom (Replays uploaded within 24 hours)

*Deep Diving into the teachings of the 7 Chambers of Light, Mary Magdalene & Mother Eve


*Herbs & Essential Oils

*Movement Meditations

*Mudras & Sacred Aramaic & Pleiadean Mantras & Chants

*Sound & Energy Healings

*Lifetime Access to Coursework, Practices, Meditations & Sound/Energy Healings

First Session is on Friday 10/13/2023

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