Become Magnetic

What would it feel like if you were in your personal power??

How would your life change if you felt vibrant and magnetic?

What if you could attract your desires with grace and ease??

HOW do you want to feel?? WHAT do you wish to experience in your day to day life? Did you know that it all begins with you??

In this 3-part program, I will guide you into greater self-awareness and share tools and techniques to implement in your experience to magnetize your desires while maintaining yourself in alignment with your heart and inner wisdom.

This is a process of purifying our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our spirits – as we take on limiting beliefs, toxic patterns & ways of being, karmas, and traumas not only from our current incarnation but also from other lifetimes, from our families, culture, and society. We free ourselves by shedding the layers of “self” that no longer serve us and through the process of shedding and purification we begin to embody our Light, our infinite co-creative power. Through the practices of breathwork, movement meditations, mudras, and energy & sound healing we let go of our karmas and traumas and embody the fullness of our divine nature – our true essence that is in alignment with the Cosmic Void – the womb of all Creation – the Divine Mother-Father and our Soul.

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Reclaim your power and live unapologetically



Break the cycle of dysfunctional relationships



Love all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit