Aurea’s Story

Áurea spent 11+ years in the Corporate world, after being diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, PCOS, a hormonal imbalance, & Pre-Diabetes – and having an undiagnosed Thyroid condition that caused her to hold on to excess weight she went on a transformational journey to heal her body, which also led to her healing her mind & spirit.

She has a holistic approach, channeling intuitive wisdom to facilitate, empower & inspire her client’s personal & professional development. She offers Energetic Clearings & Protection, Reiki & other Energy Healing modalities, Sound Healings. Group Workshops & One on One Coaching. Áurea creates & holds the space to facilitate the healing of the body, mind & spirit & the integration of our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine essences in order to step into your personal power, live your life fully, giving play to our passions & creativity.

Áurea founded Auset Ka Alchemy and has been supporting and empowering her clients on their respective healing journeys for over 10 years, utilizing various modalities such as Reiki, Light Language, Chinese Energy Healing, IET, Sound Healing & Meditation, Plant Essences & Crystals.


Aurea is passionate about supporting & empowering people in releasing old traumas, limiting beliefs & patterns of behavior that prevent one from living authentically and creating the life they desire. She firmly believes that all living beings are a manifestation of the Universal consciousness and as such have the power and responsibility to not only be conscious co-creators but to encourage & inspire each other to greater love, wisdom & connection to our Mother Earth and all her creatures.


Take Control of Your Life

Aurea Lara, Radiance Health & Wellness, Health Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Reiki, Massage Therapy

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