Entrainment refers to a natural phenomenon where one entity resonates with another entity in response to its dominant frequency of vibration. We are all energetic beings. Quantum Physicists have theorized that all matter is energy. Since human beings are made up of matter, we are energy. And since we are primarily energetic beings, we have the power to create the kind of life we desire.  But how does one go about creating worlds? According to Buddhist thought, we create from 3 levels – our thoughts, our words, our actions.  And according to leading Success Coaches, our thoughts create our behaviors which create our habits. These can either lead to Success or Failure.  How does one become “Successful”? Well, first let’s break down what “Success” is. My Business Coach, Jordan, breaks success down into a simple mathematical formula.  Success = Decision + Action + Commitment  Why is this important for us to be aware of? Because if we desire success, happiness, joy, abundance, or anything good in this world we need to understand that it all comes from within. How are we treating ourselves? How are we treating those close to us? What kind of people do we surround ourselves? Do they share our same values and/or goals? Do they contribute to our lives? Or do they only bring negativity and drain your energy? It’s not easy to ask oneself these questions. And if one asks and comes to conclusions as to what is really going on in our lives, setting boundaries and living in alignment with one’s truth is not always the easiest thing to do. Will your family be supportive? Will your partner think you’re crazy? Will you be able to maintain the same friendship circle? Will you be lonely? Real questions. Tough questions.  I had to go through this myself. The more personal development and spiritual work I did on myself, the more I felt like the odd one out. I had to let go of relationships that did not serve me. And that brought up my deepest insecurities and fears.  What helped me get through this period?? Deciding once and for all WHAT I want in my life. How do I want to feel? Knowing my values and my worth and having the courage to create the appropriate boundaries and base my decisions and actions based on whether or not they were in alignment with the vision I desire for myself and my life.  Am I always successful in living completely in alignment with my truth? No.  Do I get always return to living in my light and according to my truth? Absolutely! The reason for my work as an intuitive, as a coach, as a healer is to EMPOWER people to live into their highest, healthiest and most authentic selves and in so doing create the life they desire. If I’m going to guide anyone, I have to be guiding myself. Understanding how Entrainment works supports me in being in alignment with my highest potential and the highest good I can create in this life. It allows me to be the lightbearer, the source of joy, beauty and inspiration. To live my dharma.  “A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

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