Why should one pay attention to the moon cycles?

You may wonder.. The moon, as do other celestial bodies, have an effect on the Earth and on us, being that we are creatures of Gaia. The moon affects the ocean tides, the ebbs and flows. And being that our human bodies are mostly made up of water it makes sense that the Moon affect us too. It is possible that once you attune yourself to the natural rhythms of the cosmos you will notice that at certain times of the month you are more introspective, quieter, withdrawn. But at other times, you are more active, lively and in the mix. 

Civilizations from the beginnings of humankind have had profound reverence for not just the Moon and the Sun, but for other celestial bodies. The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built in alignment with the stars of Sirius. Although there are some that believe it was actually built to align with some of the stars in the Pleiades constellation. The Temple complex of the Sun and Moon, in Mexico, were built as rendering of the Universe, as they knew it. 

Reconnecting to nature, by being mindful of the moon cycles, is just one way to deepen your connection with yourself. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, a time to self-reflect, be grateful for what we’ve accomplished and set new intentions for what we want to create and bring into our lives, and the world. 

I find that I am quieter and more self-reflective during the New Moon. I take this time to be mindful of the good things that have come into my life, and to assess where things haven’t gone quite right so that I can make whatever changes are needed. I love setting intentions at the New Moon. Although, you can do this at the Full Moon or any time. I just prefer the energy of the New Moon. To me, the New Moon means new life, new growth, possibilities and untapped potential. There’s the quiet energy of the seed, right before it bursts into expansive growth. 

The following are a few ways I connect with the energy of the New Moon:

Meditate – I would love to meditate under the stars! However, my house with a lovely garden of night-blooming flowers hasn’t come to me YET! So, I meditate in the comfort of my home or attend a New Moon Meditation at one of my favorite local studios. 

Gratitude List – I make it a point to write what I am grateful for, as often as I can. The New Moon is a good time to take a moment to give thanks for the blessings in one’s life. 

New Moon Ritual – this one can be done with likeminded friends or alone. I start my ritual by clearing my space by burning Rosemary, Palo Santo or White Sage (ONLY if it (White Sage) is sustainably harvested!! Since it is an endangered species.) You can also use Frankincense and Myrrh resin to clear and bless your space. I light a candle and call in healing and blessed energies of the highest frequencies of love and light and I sit and meditate with one or two of my favorite crystals. I visualize and meditate on what I want to bring in to being and I give thanks for what I have already been blessed with and what is on its way. I give thanks again and I release all the healing and blessed energies. You can also write down your intentions in a journal or any piece of paper and keep it in a safe place with your favorite crystal. 

These are simple ways to (re)connect with your highest self but can be very effective ways to manifest. Happy New Moon!

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